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Scholarships to Study in Greece

Scholarships to Study in Greece

The scholarship is a financial award to students towards their tuition fee expenses of their chosen course of study abroad. Scholarships awards are very competitive, and there are various kinds of education abroad scholarships that students can apply as follows:

Merit-Based Scholarship:
This sort of scholarship is granted to students as per the academic, talent, sports or other capabilities.

Student-specific Scholarship: This kind of scholarship is given to students based on gender, religion and medical history.

Destination-specific Scholarships: Some countries awards this kind of scholarships to international students who are willing to pursue study abroad program in their country. We recommend students to check the availability of the scholarships at government websites of the countries wherein student is ready to go.

Program-specific Scholarships: These are offered to students based on their personal and academic achievements. Institutions invite applications at its website.

Subject-specific Scholarships: These scholarships are based on a particular field of study or major.

  • Major Intakes: March, July and September

Students considering Greece scholarships are recommended to begin the application procedure 6-8 months prior to the intake. Scholarship deadlines vary amongst institutions. In order to capitalise on the available scholarships, we advise you to walk into ‘Turning Point’s nearest Office as early as possible.


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