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Fee Schedule

There are significant costs in providing quality service including the costs of overheads, couriers, telephonic follow-ups and other related costs. Turning Point recovers these expenses from the relationships/remuneration (representation fees) from the Institute/Universities which is paid only in successful enrollment at the Institute.

Turning Point is determined to offer completely free counseling to students who go through our assistance to an Institute represented by us. However, there may be situations when the students have taken our services and not enrolled at any of the Institute due to any reasons whatsoever, which results in non- reimbursement of the expenses for such a case from the University to us and cover such eventualities, Turning Point will charge a fee.


Initial Counselling: Free

(Including course/country selection guidance)


Consultation Fee:

Application lodgement: INR 5,000
(represented by Turning Point / its associate)

If the students do not receive the offer letter from Turning Point/ associate represented Institute and proceeds on to the Institute, the refunds are made in full within 15 working days from the date of a written refund request.


Visa Counselling Fee:
Visa File Assistance Fee: INR 5000*
(represented by Turning Point / Its associate)

Students are strongly recommended to apply for student visa/permits at the respective Embassy/High Commission on their own. Students are also being referred to the official websites of the Embassy/High Commission to grab/download the information pertaining to study permit/visa application documents. Turning Point Studies Consultants has no role to play or take any responsibility in regards to student visa application success, as it is between the students and the visa office of the respective Embassy/High Commission.

Further Note: No fee is charged if the application is lodged at an interview session with a visiting Institution. However, the student will have to pay a refundable deposit if he/she decides to apply to other institutions. Please note that some Institutions may levy a further application fee which will be paid directly to them by the student as indicated on the application forms.

*Please visit our counselor in person to know more about the fee and its stages in detail.