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Emerging Sectors in United States

Emerging Sectors in United States

The OECD economies are also known as the developed economies have experienced a structural shift from manufacturing toward services given the emergence of BRIC countries and other Asian economies in the manufacturing sector. The USA, however, is an exception to some degree. Although it has substantially downsized and outsourced the manufacturing function to countries with cheaper land and labor costs, it maintains its fair share in the manufacturing division especially with the emergence of turbocharged industries that indicate healthy prospects for the future. These include 3D Printing, Solar Manufacturing, Generic Pharmaceuticals, Self-Tanning Product Manufacturing and Construction Materials related Manufacturing.

The well-established industries in the US are largely knowledge-intensive service related including Health Care, Consumer Services, Telecommunications, Utilities, Banking, and Insurance as well as Research and Development. Moreover, the US has an immense base of Oil and Gas and is simultaneously expanding its footprint on the renewable energy front to equip itself for the challenges of the future.

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