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Education Cost for Studying in Germany

Education Cost for Studying in Germany

Fees for studying and living in Germany vary depending on the level of study, the state in which the institution is located and whether or not the institution is public or private. When you choose to study in Germany, it becomes important that you know about the cost of higher education in Germany.

Tuition Fee (EUR €)

  • Public Universities: EUR 1,000 per annum (approx.)
  • Private Universities: EUR 10,000 – 30,000 per annum (approx.)

Accommodation (EUR €)

  • EUR 6,000 per annum (approx.)
Other Living Expenses (EUR €)
  • EUR 6,000 per annum (approx.)
Minimum cost of living:
  • Average Total – AUD$18,610 /-per annum

In order to fulfil the visa requirements, the students need to show proof that they have, or have access to, around 8,040 EUROs per year for living expenses.

Note: Living in the eastern parts of Germany can be a little cheaper.

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